Welcome to my story section. Here you will find my completed full length fiction and my best short stories. For updates on stories in progress please go to my story forum.

  • Dark Horizon - (coming soon!)

    Raqak Sivrak struggles with the the "no attachment" of Jedi rule in the twilight days of the Old Republic, while his son, Flik Sivrak, undergoes the trials that will enable him to rise from being a youngling to the rank of Padawan. Will he succeed?

  • Confrontation With a Jedi - Rating: PG-13

    Kopek suffers a devestating 'accident' when he tries to caputre Flik Sivrak and Auoura.

  • Raqak's Requiem - Rating: PG-13

    Raqak Sivrak and Senator Mizet are finally caught up by Darth Vader.

  • Starchaser - (coming soon!)

    Cyhen Hes meets Kopek, who she thinks may fill the void left by the death of Byak, while two Shistavanen cubs, Ryqik and Nakita Dek find it hard to survive on the streets of Nar Shaddaa after the deaths of their parents. On the Shistavanen homeworld, Azet, a former Jedi Padawan, falls deeper into the Darkside of the Force while Rivik and Nidet, two Archetypes, become increasingly dissatisfied with the Empire's methods.

  • The Bounty Hunter - Rating: PG-13

    Following the desturction of her homeworld, Shiba Black tries to rebuild her life. She meets the mysterious Shistavanen bounty hunter, Flik Sivrak, who is much more than he seems!

  • Hunter's Conscience - Rating: NC-17 *Adults only*

    The bounty hunters Flik Sivrak and Shiba Black are on the run from the Empire.

  • Redemption - Rating: PG-13

    The Empire discovers the base of the Ackley.

  • Interrogated Sociopath - Rating: PG-13

    After the events of Redemption, Flik and Shiba, taking Kat Ros with them, return to Ord Mantell seeking a pilot to replace the lost Quan and to help them set up the base on Uvena III. After a confrontation with Kaitlin's parents, Kat sets off on her own to look for a pilot herself, only that's not the only thing she finds...