Sources of Inspiration

I have inspiration from a number of sources and these can be divided up into three categories, music, artists and authors. I have put links to my favourite authors on the links page.



One of the last great bands from Britain. I get inspiration from their songs as I imagine that is what Auoura would sound like if I could actually hear her sing. Catatonia aren't together any more, but Cherys Matthews, the singer from Catatonia continues to release albums by herself.


I drew inspiration from this album, with the two songs, Iron Fist and Behind the Mask being the main influences. The title of one of my stories, Interrogated Sociopath, is actually a line from Iron Fist and I loved the song so much, that I couldn't resist letting it influence my story. Behind the Mask is an animal rights song, and I chose it because of the way aliens are treated by the Empire.

Earth Crisis:

Like with Goldfinger's Behind the Mask, I drew inspiration from this because of the animal right themes running through the songs. I often wonder if we ever did come into contact with aliens, whether or not we would treat them the same way that we treat animals now. In spite of the behaviour studies carried out proving their high level of intelligence and the legal protection from CITIES, chimpanzees, orang utans, gorillas, bonobos and dolphins, these species are still continuing to be torn from their homes, used in entertainment, have their habitats destroyed and used in experiments.

Green Day

Virtually of this album just screams Rebellion! I find the songs She's a Rebel, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Wake Me up When September Ends particularly inspiring and this album should be played when writing any story that involves Rebels....



This album was the first one I ever bought, so it is in part to blame for my taste in music. One of the last greats from Britain, I've found that many of their songs seem to have been written with my characters in mind - or maybe the songs just had an influence on their characterisations, who knows? The album cover? Just a reminder that spiders and other small, much maligned invertebrates are just as important as any other form of life....


Where would my O.C.s be without such songs as How You Remind Me, Animals, Leader of Men and Figured You Out? Still somewhere locked away in my mind, most likely. I like Nickelback's songs as they seem to be good at imbuing my characters with personality, where otherwise they'd just be furry slobbering lupines.....

Oh, and Chad Kroger signed our Canadian flag - he truly ROCKS! :)

Amon Amarth:

Good old Viking Metal! Forget Nirvana, Guns & Roses and Slipknot - these guys are true metallers! I chose them because I think their songs represent the fighting spirit that every culture process and they remind me much of the Shistavanens in particular.

Sonata Arctica:

These are my favourite band at the moment (sorry, Nickelback, but your crown's been usurped). I like these songs as I feel that they reflect the Shistavanen's ties with nature. Plus, they also somehow manage to get a song about wolves on every album. They also bring to mind the beauty, freedom and wonders of nature that will be lost if climate change takes a stronger hold than it already has.

Arctic Monkeys:

With expressions like "Mardy Bum" and "Scummy Man" in their work, I couldn't resist being inspired with the Arctic Monkeys! It also helps because I know some of the places they sing about in their songs. Britishisms in Star Wars Fan Fiction are cool: don't forget where half the actors in the films came from....

Avril Lavigne:

Her songs have given me much of the inspiration for the female characters in my stories, even the aliens. Kaitlin "Kat" Ros and Nakita Dek are defiantly the kind of girls Avril sings about. Incidenlty, I'd much rather write a fan fic where my lead female character goes around shooting Stormtroopers rather than just be an arm ornament for Obi-Wan Kenobi....


It's very difficult to find art relating to Shistavanens, so I have to rely on werewolf or anthro art instead to inspire my writing. The following artists are among my favourites:

Heart Song by Christy Grandjean of

Dyre Battle by Jaime Sidor

Art by Scott Ruggels

It would take up too much space on this page to showcase other werewolf/anthro artwork. Other artists I like include: Yellow Eyes and Dark Natasha, though there are others with much talent on Deviant Art. I've posted links to their websites/Deviant Art accounts in the link section if they have one (and I have found it!) Just so that people know, none of my stories, characters, etc are in anyway inspired by the Twilight Saga - the ideas for them came long, long before those awful books and films were ever written/made.