Welcome to "Darkside of the Moon", a site dedicated to Emimar's fan fiction in the Star Wars Universe. This site focuses on fan fiction written by me and fan art made by myself and others that represents my characters.

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New Signautre!

11th December, 2011

Links Fixed

Sort of. I've added some new stuff to Flik's Profile page, too. I had some old signatures and avatars in an old version of the site but these were hosted by Imagecave, which now appears to be lost. So it looks like I'll have to make some new ones. It isn't too bad, because most of them weren't by best anyway, but it is still annoying non the less. However, it does give me the chance to create some new ones when I get round to it with all the new Clone Wars animated series etc, I have quite a lot to play around with!

6th December, 2011


All Star Wars characters belong to George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and like groups. The pictures in the art galleries were gathered from multiple sources and may include comic images from Dark Horse, Marvel, etc..., though those of my characters were either made by me or made by members of SWAG at my request. Most characters in my fan fiction are of my own making. Wherever possible, I have credited images used in this site to its source and you can find links to the websites in my links section.